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Effective transport systems in production

InSeCoTec offers installation work as well as service and repair services in production. We install industrial plants and offer a 24/7 all-round service. From new installation to recommissioning, our experts are there to help you combine speed and quality in large and small projects.

Overview of services


The means of transport installed by us are mostly fully automatic and constructed as an independent system.


Customer-oriented worldwide service achieves efficient, high and safe plant availability with competence.


Our specialists carry out commissioning of machines and plants, robots and complete transport systems.


We are the technological market leader from the planning including project support to the installation of hardware and software.



The optimised service for automation products

Our employees are very familiar with a wide variety of mechanical, electronic, electrical and computer-aided challenges.

Project planning and integration support

As an experienced partner, we support and implement strategic decisions.

Software applications in the production environment

Our specialists take care of operating systems, material controlling systems (MCS) up to low level firmware.

Automated transport systems

Know-how about rail systems and conveyor belts for automatic loading and unloading.

Storage systems and industrial robots

Interacting robots or storage systems for wafers and reticles, guaranteeing quality assurance, product cleanliness and optimum storage.

Production meets reliability

We advise you on how the automation systems of your production can be optimally interlocked.

Simply concentrate on the production and at the same time reduce the costs per piece.

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Project support & planning

Full automation of the production process with regard to the exact calculability in production must be carefully thought through. Especially with high investment sums and consequential costs due to mistakes in the planning that have not been taken into account, the advice of our experts is worthwhile.

This is how we achieve the highest efficiency and quality with the lowest error rates:

  • Flexibly increase availability
  • Reduce unit costs
“With our work, it will ultimately be possible for people all over the world to communicate with each other. This is how we create the basis for global innovation. We are proud of that!”


Lutz Große

“Social life, society as a whole, would no longer function the way we do every day without microchips.”


Peter Oesterreich

Partner of:

InSeCoTec GmbH belongs to the network of MURATA MACHINERY, LTD. and is a business partner for Europe and the Middle East.

The most important elements of production automation

Your contact persons

With over 20 employees, we are ideally positioned to optimize your production processes every day.

Lutz Große

Managing Director

Phone.:  : +49 172 3507595 

Peter Oesterreich

Managing Director

Phone.: +49 162 2543988 

Stefan Treichel

Technical Director

Tel.:  +49 162 4094914

Susanne Allmrodt


Tel.: +49 351 2644069-4

Michael Atlas

Department Manager Service

Phone.: +49 162 1982651 

Paul Braun

Department Manager Installation

Tel.:  +49 152 01874001 

Delf Witthuhn

Head of Quality Management

Phone.:  +49 174 3478982 

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Hermann-Reichelt-Straße 3, 01109 Dresden, Germany

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Susanne Allmrodt

+49 351 2644069-4

We have all procedures in place.

Therefore we are ISO 9001 certified since 2019.