Tools, equipment and complete transport systems

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Systems professionally & safely installed
We are specialized in the installation of tools, equipment and complete transport systems.

This also includes the hardware and associated software. From new installation to re-commissioning, our experts are there for you to ensure success with large and small projects.

“Improve skills used on a daily basis, educate and train employees, and tackle new challenges professionally.

Only in this way can we do justice to our task as a leading service provider in this special field.”

Pascal Thieme

Department Manager Installation


Fully automated transport systems

Integrate new transport systems, whether fully or semi-automatically, professionally into new or existing infrastructure.

Software setup

Operating systems, databases, your custom software or assembler code.

Independent systems & storage modules

Independent material handling systems are professionally installed and involved in the production processes.

Hardware installations

Installations of all components of ordered equipment and systems.

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+49 351 26440690

Hermann-Reichelt-Straße 3, 01109 Dresden, Germany

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Susanne Allmrodt

+49 152 09615408

We have all procedures in place.

Therefore we are ISO 9001 certified since 2019.