Commissioning of machines and plants, robots and complete transport systems

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Transport systems professionally & safely installed

The total commissioning costs for new plants account for a significant proportion of the investment costs. Delays as well as disruptions and damage can further increase these costs and their follow-up costs.
“Experience has shown that in most projects there is considerable potential for cost savings, which we will show you.”

Stefan Treichel

Technical Director


Plants in clean rooms

We put plants and machines, especially in clean rooms, into operation for you.

Commissioning during installation

We create precise and detailed documentation, even if commissioning is already carried out during installation.

Until the final handover

All projects are accompanied by us from the planning to the final handover.

Safety & Health

We take full account of our responsibility for health, safety and environmental protection.

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We have all procedures in place.

Therefore we are ISO 9001 certified since 2019.